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Offshore Cables

Seaway 7 offers submarine cable- and subsea umbilical installation, repair and maintenance services.

Related services such as dive and Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) support, marine survey, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) investigation and remedial cable protection services are also provided.

Cable Laying Services

In cable laying, Seaway 7’s main focus is on the installation of inner array cables (IAC); yet depending cables length is sometimes involved in export cable installation works as well.

For the IAC installation works, we use the world’s most sophisticated, bespoke designed vessels to make sure that the product is laid safely, with precision, in all weather conditions. Cable Lay Vessels (CLV) Seaway Phoenix, currently under construction and Seaway Aimery, built in 2016, are fitted with the most modern equipment available to ensure that as few weather delays as possible are encountered during the installation campaign, giving our clients the schedule security that they need to complete their projects on time.

Seaway Aimery has two under deck turntables, giving a capacity of 4,250 tons of cable that can be arranged in split compartments to maximize offshore flexibility of installation sequence. Seaway Aimery has proven that she can safely lay cables in significant wave heights of up to 3.0m, while the cable hangar provides climate-controlled shelter for the crew during these operations.

Cable Trenching Services

Seaway Aimery is equipped with an on-board trenching ROV housed in a hangar on the starboard mid-ships, which can operate up to a depth of up to 3.0m.

In addition, carefully selected partners can be brought in to provide cable trenching services for seabed conditions with difficult geology, such as pre-lay ploughing or post-lay mechanical trenching requirements.

Walk-to-Work Operations

The term ‘Walk-to-Work’ originates from the desire to offer offshore personnel the opportunity  to transfer to offshore structures without requiring them to first climb up a ladder or be transferred using a transfer basket on a crane.

Installation Support Vessel (ISV) Seaway Moxie was developed specifically to address this demand on offshore wind farms, where the pull-in teams on foundations and platforms were unable to access the structures in harsher weather conditions. Seaway Moxie was the first of her kind to operate in offshore wind farms in Europe. She was designed and built to allow offshore personnel safe access to foundations and platforms in calm and rough seas, making up to 54 successful connections and transfers in a 24 hour period; and able to work in up to 3.5m significant wave heights.

Offshore Cables – Related Services

Seaway 7 can provide a number of additional services either as part of turnkey projects or separately as individual services, such as:

  • Marine cable route survey and route engineering
  • Unexploded ordinance (UXO) detection, identification and removal
  • Pre-lay grapnel runs and route clearance
  • Boulder clearance and relocation
  • ROV intervention and dive support
  • Rock bag and concrete mattress installation
  • Scour protection

Cable Storage

Seaway 7 operates a logistic center and marine base in Eemshaven (The Netherlands), where we also provide storing facilities for submarine cables and related accessories.

We provide flexible cable storage solutions to clients, being able to utilize our existing facilities for various lengths, or by providing stand-alone cable storage solutions on a temporary or long-term basis at client convenient locations.

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

In addition to installation services, Seaway 7 can also provide a wide range of inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) services spanning both the submarine cables as well as broader structure and ancillary service requirements.

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