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Tailor-Made Solutions

Transport & Installation (“T&I”) of either foundations or offshore cables could be considered the baseline scenario of service offerings.

It is a natural evolution to then offer an inclusive “integrated T&I” approach, which combines the installation of both the foundations and cables. Technically the same as a stand-alone T&I, with an alternative contract model, and associated risk profile.

One of the ways Seaway 7 sets itself apart is the option to take on not only installation of the foundations or cables, but to manage the design, procurement and fabrication (“EPCI contracting.”) This methodology is a cornerstone of our business and allows us to offer world-class products that are installed by our highly skilled engineers.

Our service offering is built around a unique combination advanced technical capabilities & assets, and the ability to offer a range of attractive contracting models: T&I stand-alone, T&I integrated and EPCI.

Offshore Cables

Seaway 7 offers submarine cable- and subsea umbilical installation, repair and maintenance services. Related services such as dive and ROV support, marine survey, UXO investigation and remedial cable protection services are also provided.

  • Cable Laying services
  • Cable trenching services
  • Walk-2-Work
  • Offshore cables – related services
  • Cable storage
  • Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

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WTG Foundations

Seaway 7 offers installation services for WTG foundations through its Heavy Lift Vessels (HLV), Seaway Strashnov and Seaway Yudin.

In the last 12 years Seaway 7 has built up an extensive track record in installing a wide range of foundation types, ranging from monopiles and suction bucket jackets to tripod and pre-piled jackets using a pile installation frame.

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Offshore Substations

Using our Heavy Lift Vessels, Seaway 7 can provide the transportation and installation of offshore substation jackets and topsides. Mid 2020, we had successfully installed more than 30 HVAC platforms.

The DP3 HLV Seaway Strashnov with its 5000t crane is especially well equipped for this work.

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Floating Offshore Wind

Floating offshore wind does not have the maturity and scale of fixed offshore wind yet, but Seaway 7 is closely monitoring this development and investigating how it can contribute to this sector through our combined offshore contracting experience from the traditional Oil & Gas industry and offshore Renewables.

We are currently involved with the Equinor Hywind Tampen floating windfarm project, where Seaway 7 will install the inner array cables.

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