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WTG Foundations

Seaway 7 offers installation services for WTG foundations through its Heavy Lift Vessels (HLV), Seaway Strashnov and Seaway Yudin. 

In the last 12 years Seaway 7 has built up an extensive track record in installing a wide range of foundation types, ranging from monopiles and suction bucket jackets to tripod and pre-piled jackets using a pile installation frame.

For installation, we are using an impact hammer and/or vibratory hammer depending environmental and soil conditions. To minimize the environmental impact, Seaway 7 will provide pile driving noise mitigation measures based on the latest available technology.

Following a multi-year innovation program, we have developed and successfully tested a method whereby monopiles can be installed on dynamic positioning. To date, installing monopile foundations on anchors rather than using dynamic positioning has been the norm. This specialized solution allows us not only to reduce our installation cycle times but the overall project duration and the associated cost. Any limitations with regards to impacting the seabed or local infrastructure have all but been removed.

Monopile installation on DP

Following a multi-year innovation program, including extensive data collection during numerous monopile installation campaigns with our floating crane vessels, we are proud to show you a successful monopile installation on DP with our Seaway Strashnov.
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