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Floating offshore wind is the next most promising growth area for offshore renewables.

Floating Wind offers the possibility to further support the energy transition by allowing greater quantities of offshore wind to be developed by using areas where the water is too deep to allow the construction of fixed offshore wind farms and will allow access to greater acreages with steadier & powerful winds.

While pilot projects deploying demonstrators with a few units have progressed to firm up technology, there are now some designed to provide clean power to remote offshore oil and gas facilities, being opportunities to continue to grow knowledge. Now, developers are engaging in sizeable farms in this nascent market, where a number of concepts and intended players are positioning for growth.

Knowledgeable of associated challenges & their drivers, positioned as Delivery-Partner all along life cycle from origination as System-Designers, through CapEx construction to decommissioning, we are actively participating in focused projects and are growing our technical capability, expertise, balanced commercial offering, partnerships network and portfolio of solutions readying ourselves to support coming large-scale commercial developments.

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