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Hi Gry, thanks for your time. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Early in my career, I was part of the team installing a major offshore wind project and I got a feel for working in renewables; I knew that offshore wind was ‘it’ for me. It was super exiting, with technical solutions never used before and I felt that I was playing a part in the bigger picture. I want to contribute my skills to make a difference in the world and working at Seaway7 gives me that opportunity.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

I feel I am sometimes met with surprise outside our industry on my career choice, so even if I do not meet challenges every day, I still feel the weight of what ‘the female role’ should be.

For the majority of the time, I do not feel that being a woman is a disadvantage in my work. My experience is that by being kind, cooperative, reliable, and showing respect for your co-workers, you are treated the same way in return.

What makes someone a good ally for women’s progression in the workplace?

I look for someone who encourages females to take risks, to challenge themselves on their fears and insecurities, and to take action and responsibility for overcoming obstacles. For me, this involves positively pushing responsibility and build confidence in their own capability, giving them ownership and encouraging them to broaden their horizons.

I am lucky to have lots of good direct leaders around me in Seaway7 to give advice and support, both male and female. Seaway7 is a great, positive place to work.

What are the biggest challenges that we face as an industry to attract more females into our sector?

The renewables sector is very attractive to young people coming into the workplace. I think that emphasising the difference our work can make to the planet, the room for developing new skills, and how interesting the work itself is, goes a long way towards encouraging women to make a career step into the sector.

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