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Hi Massiel, thanks for taking part! Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

“I began my career working as a Structural Engineer in Stavanger, Norway. I was there for three years including the year that Covid-19 arrived. In 2020, I decided I wanted a new challenge and that was when I joined Seaway7.

The renewables sector was totally new and exciting, a complete change from the traditional Oil and Gas sector. I started as Project Support in the Oslo office in February 2022 and I’m now Document Controller and Interface Co-ordinator.”

What challenges have you faced as a woman in the workplace and how do you overcome them?

“My concern as a young woman is that I will not be taken seriously by my male colleagues, but honestly, I’ve have always felt accepted; the quality of my work is most important. I have met challenges by working harder and making more effort to show what I can do.

I would say that by speaking up and not making assumptions about what people think, I gain greater understanding of the teams I work with and where my role fits.”

Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

“For many years women were considered weaker or less capable than their male colleagues, and sometimes they still see themselves this way. International Women’s Day is important to highlight the strengths of women. We stand tall, talk with strong voices, and show we can do it.”

In Seaway7 we support one another and build each other up. What makes someone a good ally for women’s progression in the workplace?

“For me, the key to being a great ally for women in the workplace is support, building mutual trust between team members, and welcoming people in with openness. I think that at Seaway7 we work hard to do these things for all of our colleagues. We are a beautiful family here, we take part in activities and enjoy time together and build our team and it makes me proud.

I look around me in Seaway7 and see so many women in positions of responsibility, doing challenging technical roles. One of our Executive Vice Presidents is female, and she brings a really positive energy, it’s really inspiring. There are some great examples to lead the way.

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