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The CLV Seaway Aimery is an advanced Cable Installation, Repair and Maintenance Vessel. The vessel is designed to satisfy cable lay demands of the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industries, whereby the vessel is specially designed and equipped for submarine cable laying operations with specific focus on good sea-keeping capabilities, excellent station keeping performances and low fuel consumption. The key design criteria include the ability to operate in harsh sea conditions in combination with the ability to launch and recover her two work-class ROV’s and her trenching ROV. These abilities increase the operational availability of the vessel and extends the operational working period per year. The cable laying deck is installed above the main-deck in a climate controlled environment, and includes a cable quadrant and track deployment system capable of handling cable protection systems. This design decreases risk to the cable laying crew and the cable, specifically in adverse weather and adds to the vessel’s ability to continue cable lay operations in extreme conditions.

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The vessel is designed for international trade as described by the Classification Society DNV-GL and is fitted with:

  • Two cable carousels/turntables
  • A sheltered cable laying deck including tracks & workshops
  • Cable handling equipment including linear cable engines
  • Two work-class ROV including launch and recovery system (LARS) located aft and amidships
  • One trenching ROV in hangar with LARS and gate to launch on starboard side
  • A high standard, low noise level accommodation
  • A 360 degree panoramic bridge

Propulsion is provided by two azimuth propellers aft, two tunnel thrusters and one retractable azimuth thruster forward. The vessel is designed for continuous operation on ‘Dynamic Positioning’ (DP) which can be up to maximum thruster power. Particularly notable is the vessel’s compliance with the comfort class notation and the requirement for low noise and vibration levels in the accommodation spaces under DP operating conditions as this is the normal mode of operation of the vessel. Two passive stabilizing

Main Particulars
Length over All (LoA):

95.3 m

Length between Perpendiculars (LPP):

84.9 m

Breadth moulded:

21.5 m

Depth from main deck:

8.8 m

Maximum draught:

7.2 m

Minimum draught:

4.8 m

Tonnage and capacities
Fuel oil (MGO):

1,200 m³

Fresh water (cargo and domestic):

650 m³

Water ballast:

2,400 m³

Gearbox lubrication oil:

35 m³

Turbine hydraulic oil:

35 m³

Lubrication oil:

35 m³


30 m³

Cargo deck area:

3,550 m²

Cable loading capacity:

4,250 t

Deadweight at maximum draught:

4,700 t

Classification and regulation

The vessel is built and accredited in accordance with NMA (Norwegian Maritime Authority). Main Class is DNV *1A1 with the following Class notations: Cable Laying Vessel, BIS, DYNPOS-AUTR, COMF(C3, V3), E0, NAUT-(AW) (A), SPS IMO MSC.266(84) – Code for Special Purpose Ships, 2008.


Isle of Man

Deck equipment

One offshore crane, SWL 5 t / 10 t at 24 m / 15 m reach

One LARS crane, SWL 2 t at 20 m reach

One provision crane, SWL 2 t at 15 m reach

Two electric overhead cranes, SWL 7 t, for handling of cable sections bights on deck

Eight electric overhead beam cranes, SWL 1 t, for handling of cable protection systems

Remotely operated vehicles

Two electric work-class ROVs, both with a dedicated launch and recovery system, one located stern aft on A-deck, one located port side amidships on B-deck

One electric trenching ROV located amidships starboard incl. of a dedicated A-frame based launch and recovery system


Trial speed at 100 % load on each of the propulsion units, at 5.0 m draught, clean hull and with sea state 0-1 to be approximately 14.0 knots.

Station keeping capability – ERN (99, 99, 97, 94)


The vessel is equipped with four main generator sets and a total of five thruster/propeller units. Each main engine and main generator is mounted on a common frame
with flexible coupling between them. The main generator sets are resiliently mounted. The propeller remote control system provides common in command push button and functionality for propellers and tunnel as well as retractable thrusters.

Diesel Engines

Four main engine generator sets, capacity 1,750 ekW at 1,800 rpm

Total output 7,000 ekW. engines are four-stroke turbo charged type

Electric generator / electric motor plants

Four electrical propulsion motors, capacity 1,800 ekW at 0-1,200 rpm.

There are five frequency converters for the thruster engines, every propeller has its own frequency switch

Propellors and thrusters
Two Azimuth Propellers – installed aft

Power: 2,200 kW – Motor speed: 0 – 1,200 rpm

Two Tunnel Thrusters – installed forward

Power: 1,200kW – Motor speed: 0 – 1,200 rpm

One Retractable Azimuth Thruster – installed forward

Power: 880 kW – Motor speed: 0 – 1,800 rpm

Cable lay equipment

The vessel is specifically engineered to offer a high cable carrying capacity without sacrificing workability offshore. Additionally, by handling the cable via quadrant and track system in an environmentally protected working hangar, the risk of damage to the cable is reduced and offshore workability is increased.

One electric carousel, 2,500 t loading capacity, ID 4 m/OD 18 m/height 4 m

One electric carousel, 1,750 t loading capacity, ID 4 m/OD 16 m/height 4 m

Four electric linear cable engines, WLL 8 t, suitable for Master-Slave mode

Two electric feeder cable engines, WLL 2 t

Two electric A&R winches, WLL 20 t

Two electric tugger winches, WLL 5 t

One cable deployment quadrant, WLL 10 t

Four deck cable quadrants, WLL 5 t

Twelve modular cable track ways


The vessel is arranged for a total of 60 persons (typically consisting out of 18 marine crew and 42 project/client personnel) accommodated in 22 single cabins and 19 double cabins. In addition to galley, provision stores, day and mess rooms as well as project and client offices, other facilities are available, which include a.o. a cinema and a gymnasium. During normal operations, typically up to six client representatives can be accommodated in a mixture of single and double-bed cabins.



The CLV Seaway Aimery has been designed and built to operate in harsh sea conditions for all cable installation, repair and maintenance operations, which includes the launch and recovery systems of the work-class and trenching ROVs, as designed in line with the standards of the Classification Society DNV-GL.


Particulars are believed to be correct, but without guarantee.

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